Gladioli White


Gladiolus is also commonly referred by its genus name – Gladiolus, the plural form of which can be Gladioluses, Gladiole or Gladioli. Due to its sword shaped leaves, the plant is also known as the Sword Lily, or Corn Lily. An ancient name for gladiolus was xiphium, meaning sword in Greek. Gladiolus plants are perennial herbs and semihardy in temperate climates. They are members of the iris family. The flower is available in the middle of summer.

The gladiolus is a beautiful cut flower because they last well and is one of the most attractive garden flowers. Gladioli are grown from bulb-like structures called corms that are planted in the ground in early spring and bloom throughout most of July and August.

Small – 10x Stems
Medium – 20x Stems
Large – 50x Stems

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Chisai, Daen, Large, Medium, Naka, Small


Paper, Vase