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Miss Mina

Paper or VasePaper

Burgundy, red and latte. A bit of coffee, and a bit of chocolate red velvet cake.

~ Medium size pictured
~ Foundary vase pictured (please select at checkout if you wish to purchase)


Order before 1pm for same day delivery

Miss Mina


How should I look after my flowers?

In A Vase: Take the AFH wrapping off your flowers. Cut the flower stems at an angle with sharp scissors. Place flowers in a clean vessel with fresh water. Change the water and repeat the process every second day. It is important to make sure the vessel is rinsed and cleaned thoroughly to ensure there is no bacteria left in the vessel, as this will affect the longevity of the flowers.

In Floral Form: Top your oasis up
with water straight after delivery. Make sure you place your arrangement away from a window, direct sunlight, heat or air-conditioning. Top up water in the oasis every 2 days. Before topping up the oasis vessel, remove any decaying blooms.

Will my flowers look like how they appear in the photos?

Orders made through Adelaide Flower House will always reflect the quality and artistic design we are known for, but on occasion we may need to substitute colour or variety due to factors out of our control.

In the case of a substitution, we guarantee to always substitute flowers of equal or higher value and will keep within the theme of the flowers originally chosen, ensuring your message to the recipient is not lost.

Do you do custom arrangements?

Of course. Our team of florists will
be happy to create a bespoke arrangement for you. Contact us via (08) 8373 4800

I need to get flowers delivered at a specific time. Is this something you offer?

We do our best to meet the needs of our customers. Express or timed deliveries may incur an additional fee. Please contact our friendly team so we can discuss your request.